Almost anything to do with your stairs we can do. We’re committed to your satisfaction and we’re reliable and on time. We don’t do the painting or staining but we refer a stainer that has been doing great work on our stairs for years. We also don’t do carpeting.

Our Services

  • Framing a curved stair, even a freestanding curve we can handle.
  • We often cut down the walls along the steps or on the balcony that the builder installed. This reveals what the stair can be and really opens up the house.
  • Wood treads, posts,railing balusters are all what we regularly do.
  • Curved steps and railing are no problem.
  • If you want to replace your wood balusters with iron we can do that also. This is an economical way to really spruce up your stairs.
  • Cable wire and stainless steel rods are a great contemporary upgrade
  • While doing your stairs we can also add Wainscoting to the walls to really dress the home up
  • We can also add a Mantle to your Fire place