Coto de Caza Curve Custom Iron

Coto de Caza curve with Custom iron and Wainscoting

Project Date:

February 2013

Skills Used:

  • Modern Style
  • Cablewire
  • Contemporary
  • Stainless Steel
  • Custom Rectangle Railing

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14 Irvine Balcony

32 Irvine Single baskets and twists

Lake Forest Spiral Stair

Placentia Curved Wainscoting with Full Treads

North Tustin Craftsmen Style Wainscoting

19 Indital Circle “S” pattern

41 Cota de Caza, Tuscan Panels with baskets and ribbon twists

70 Iron Styles

9 Fountain Valley, “S” scroll and twists

Huntington Beach Craftsmen Custom Balusters

Garden Grove Curved Balcony

Laguna Niguel Simple Iron

68 Iron Styles

39 Yorba Linda “S” scroll with Gothic

Huntington Beach Fluted Craftsment

65 Wainscoting Movable Shelf

2 Aliso Viejo Double and single baskets with twists

34 Fullerton Contemporary

Orange County Curved Balcony

12 Cerritos “S” with double baskets

Tustin Recessed Panel Wainscoting

72 Iron Styles

Irvine Craftsmen Ribbon Twist

51 Costa Mesa Knuckles

Mission Viejo Stainless Steel Cable Wire

Irvine Open stair with Craftsman Posts

Lake Forest Cable Wire

Huntington Beach Curved All Wood Stair

Lake Forest Open Stair Contemporary

Newport Beach Curved Stairs

23 Corona Hammered balls with “S”

4 Fullerton Feathers and butterfly in Copper Patina

64 Wainscoting Yorba Linda

69 Iron Styles

17 Huntington Beach “S” and Baskets

40 Laguna Niguel “S” scroll with diamond basket pattern

56 Santa Ana Craftsmen

Orange Stair Maple Craftsmen

Cypress All Wood Stair

Huntington Beach Cable Wire

21 Irvine “S” and Ribbon twists

Aliso Viejo Craftsman Fluted Posts

Huntington Beach All Wood Stair

62 Stainless Steel Rods Mission Viejo

Huntington Beach True Raised Panel Wainscoting

Trabuco Canyon Craftsmen

Costa Mesa Wood Post to Post Stair

61 Round Newport Beach Contemporary

Newport Beach Industrial Cable Wire

North Tustin “S” and Twists

67 Craftsmen Wainscoting

29 Chino Hills “S” with single Basket

Buena Park Cable Wire

Cerritos Former Open Stair

38 Irvine Knuckles

73 Iron Styles

Mission Viejo Open Stairs with Maple Treads

Santa Ana All Oak Stair with Full Treads

Aliso Viejo Contemporary Stairs

22 Orange Twists and single basket

All Maple Plant on Wainscoting

44 Hunting Beach “S” scrolls

Anaheim Hills Open Stair

71 Iron Styles

Cypress Metal Stair

Yorba Linda Fluted Craftsmen

8 Diamond Bar, Baskets with ribbon twist

5 Newport Beach Rebecca Panels

Irvine Stair Stainless Steel

Corona Wood Stair with Decorative Brackets

Anaheim Hills Curve Wainscoting

Lake Forest Fluted Craftsmen

La Habra Curved Stairs

Corona Curved Balcony

3 Laguna Niguel “S” scrolls and twists

Huntington Beach Cable Wire

Yorba Linda All Wood with Full Treads

Irvine Open Stair with Stringers

15 Laguna Niguel Double and Single Knuckles

48 Diamond Bar Knuckles and “S”

Yorba Linda Curve with Iron Balusters

74 Oil Rubbed Copper Iron Styles

76 Craftsmen Stairs

Laguna Niguel Wainscoting Plant

Cypress All Wood and Paint Grade

36 Cypress “S” scroll with Gothic

Huntington Beach Curved with Full Maple Treads

33 Anaheim Hills Baskets and twists

Brea Plant on Wainscoting

37 Corona Short “S” with Ribbon Twists

28 Huntington Beach Hammered balls and “S”

Orange County Custom Open Stairs

63 Cable Wire and Wood Laguna Niguel

75 Craftsmen Stairs

Huntington Beach Open Stair

Newport Coast Stainless Steel

Fullerton All wood Economical Stair Railing and Balusters

26 Hollywood Knuckles and twists

47 Brea Knuckles

Huntington Beach Plant on Wainscoting

49 Yorba Linda Knuckles and “S”

Newport Coast Full Wall Wainscoting

Laguna Niguel Plant on Wainscoting

Garden Grove Open Stair

Laguna Niguel Curved with Tread-ends

Villa Park Open Stair

7 Placentia Double baskets and twists, with “S” scroll

16 Corona Tuscan Panels

31 Mission Viejo, Double baskets and twists

35 Trabuco Canyon “S” and Baskets

San Juan Capistrano Craftsmen

10 Tustin “S” and Gothic

60 Santa Ana Gallery Craftsmen

Chino Hills Craftsmen Recessed Panels

50 Chino Hills Tuscan Panel with Gothic

Newport Beach All Wood with Plain Tapered Balusters

Orange Condo Stainless Steel Cable Wire

Laguna Niguel Stainless Steel

78 Craftsmen Stairs

11 Mission Viejo Oil Rubbed Bronze Bee hives

77 Craftsmen Stairs

66 Wainscoting Hidden Door

27 Buena Park Baskets and “S” scroll

Mission Viejo Fluted Craftsmen

18 Huntington Beach Double and single Knuckles

Orange County Plant on Wainscoting

30 Lake Forrest Double baskets and twists

46 Garden Grove, Gothic